Local real estate developer SDI Realty Advisors approached Boucher Design Group (BDG) with plans to demolish a 31,000 SF mid-century shopping center on Bellaire Boulevard and build a more modern center in its place, BDG knew it was a great opportunity to help boost redevelopment and transform the urban core of Bellaire.

This 72,000 SF project is a mixed-use development featuring ground level restaurant/retail spaces and second level with service and boutique office spaces in three separate buildings linked to each other with breezeways, walkways and patio spaces. The project includes a multi-level open parking garage with access points to both levels of the retail and office areas. The initial challenge was to devise a plan where in some of the existing tenants could continue to operate in the old building while the new one was being built which led to the project being done in two phases of demolition and construction. Phase One included demolition of part of the existing structure and building of a new 16,000 SF building and open parking garage. Building the garage in Phase One helped accommodate parking for when existing customers moved into the new building during ongoing construction. Phase Two added 56,000 SF of lease spaces in two separate buildings.

The project is very complimentary of the adjacent neighborhood style. Staying with the Bellaire feel of brick, yet with modern touches with the incorporation of stucco, steel, stone, metal and glazing. Our project is cohesive with existing surroundings while making a presence. Inclusion of escalators and elevators helps in making the upper levels easily accessible. Large overhangs provide shade for the patio areas for the restaurants. Signage visibility was discussed with the leasing team and incorporated in with the design of the façade. The project is an example of how changes to development regulations have led to more urban-style development, greater densities and mix uses in hopes of creating a more “walkable urban area”.

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