Bayside Community Center is a multi-functional space for the community of Baycliff in Galveston County.  Perched on top of the flat ground in the heart of wetlands just off the shoreline of Galveston Bay stands this coastal styled piece of architecture. Competing sloped roofs jut out above an aqua and white clad facade, the higher of the two volumes reflecting the interior of the main assembly space with large glass windows.  A third canopy structure that is seen from a very far distance projects itself over the main entry drive to create a welcome drop off area, drawing visitors inside.  The purpose of this space is to serve the members of the community for a variety of activities throughout the day; therefore, spatial flexibility was critical.  Once inside, the building is divided by a main lobby that runs the length of the building; with a large gathering space to the right, and support rooms, offices, and educational rooms on the left, the spatial diagram is clear for all.  Finally, the end of the lobby opens to the exterior which leads to a playground for children to use.

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