When we were asked to renovate this existing shopping center along Beechnut at 610, we knew we had an opportunity to do something special.  This older mixed use center with office above retail had seen its better days and was in desperate need of a face lift. The overall curb appeal of the center was improved dramatically, and is sure to catch your attention when you pass through the Meyerland area. Maintaining the existing structural elements was key as we re-clad the main entrance with new curtain-wall glass and a beautiful Ironspot brick which shimmers in different light throughout the day. The front entry is complete with a new aluminum canopy that draws your eye to its unique detailing, and contemporary design. The east and west sides of the building were also stripped of their old dilapidated signage band and canvas awnings and were replaced with new ceramic tile and aluminum sunshades. These design decisions worked to tie the building together as a cohesive whole, sure to serve those who work and shop there for years to come. Renovations are always rewarding when you are able to maintain the character of what was, and bring out the best of what could be.

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