4601 Washington Center is a 3-story building with 54,423 gross square feet total (18,141 per floor) and a connected 3-story 173 car parking garage. The first level is for retail tenant use with the second and third floor dedicated to office use. This project was on a very tight urban site that required several programming adjustments to ensure the proper balance of the parking ratios and access for retail tenants, office tenants and each respective guest as well as maximizing the utilization of the site as a whole. The parking garage was reviewed for cost effectiveness as cast-in-place, steel and pre-cast. The most cost effective being pre-cast. The building structure was studied to determine effectiveness of tilt wall construction verses conventional steel framed construction. The final decision was steel framed due to the height, number of openings and number of off-sets. The permitting effort involved abandoning a utility alley, re-routing services around the site and joining the parcels.

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