VISION: Serving people through exceptional design, compelling culture, and lasting relationships.

MISSION: Our mission is to impact the built environment through innovative methods and responsible architecture. We strive to relate to the needs of each client to materialize their vision. We give back to the community in which we work. We influence and educate the next generation.


Boucher Design Group established in 2013 with a focus on both quality commercial retail architecture and quality relationships with our clients who have leaned on the reputation and knowledge of Marc Boucher for many years. Our belief is that architecture plays a critical role in the overall health of our society and culture, and thus we are charged with a responsibility to enhance the built environment in every opportunity we are given for the benefit of all.

As retail experts, we understand that how people choose to shop and spend their free time and money can be greatly impacted by many architectural variables both large and small. Our design process pays great attention to these points of emphasis which cohesively work together to create a meaningful experience to any building user from the moment they arrive. We realized these principles of design extend far beyond a single use, and apply to the many other building types we are blessed to work on such as office, interiors, community centers, and educational facilities.


Marc Sketching

Every great project starts with a great piece of land, but even a challenging site at first glance can evolve into a rewarding solution. Our first step in achieving our client’s vision is to understand what they see as the end product, and employ our land planning techniques to make that a possible solution.

From then on, it is a true collaborative effort between the Client, our Designers, Architects, and Construction teams to find the most responsible means of creating a solution. What we do at the beginning goes a long way to ensure success at the end; but we like to think that our experience and construction knowledge will also inform the beginning. It is a creative process of finding new solutions, yet tempered with tried and true methods and building principles.


Culture is a priority that has a two-pronged effect: health and success for our employees equals health and success for our firm. Our studios are set up in an open orientation that encourages cross collaboration between employees of all experience levels and tenures. However, it is not all work and no play for us; we take time to celebrate our family with multiple events throughout the year, most important is our company picnic held each Spring when our employees and their families come together for some good food and games. The greatest testament to our culture is when our employees decide to get together in non-work time to enjoy golf, concerts, and other hobbies they may have.

Philanthropy is also something we strongly believe in. It is our greatest mission to serve others, and sharing our success is paramount in today’s world. We are involved in several ‘giving’ opportunities that strengthens others and fulfills our hearts. We search for these opportunities and want to be involved in anything ranging from supplying fully stocked backpacks to families who cannot afford school supplies for their children, to doing free design work for a facility that shelters victims of sex-trafficking. These are just a few of the ways we strive to give back to our community; we understand that while architecture and design is important, what we can do for others leaves an even greater lasting impression.